Our Vision 

We trust in the inherent goodness of life and wish to contribute to the co-creation of our world in a sustainable and holistic way, which is bringing the sacredness of all life back into the center of awareness.
We see time as a fundamental aspect of our reality, which explore from the perspective of consciousness.

We believe that time is not only linear but also non linear, which means that all potential past and future realities co-exist in the eternal present moment.
We believe that meditation is a major tool to achieve a deeper understanding of time and the complex subtle dimensions of this world, which we see as the cause for the unfolding of global and personal experiences.

We apply meditation to intentionally connect with the highest potential and most benevolent timeline of this world and gently invite it to unfold.
This research on meditation and time has crystallised itself into different projects like the Global Online Meditation, Meditation Retreat Peru, Innovation Labs and the Peaceful Passage Project (Conscious Dying). 


Conscious Innovation Lab Managment Team 



Salim Stefan 


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