Our Projects

The Conscious Innovation Lab supports the co-creation of a sustainable global culture by researching and exploring principles of time and creation through meditation. 

It has crystallised in different projects which all intend to hold space for and ground the highest future potential into different aspects of our human experience and fabrics of society. 

Global Online Meditation Room.

We offer a continuous free online meditation room, which is holding space for a healthy landing of the highest future potential of our new global culture. 

Conscious Dying - Peaceful Passage Project 

We develop technology based systems to provide energetic support for dying people and their soul before and after the moment of physical death.  

Innovation Labs for Organisations and Companies 

We research and develop the application of meditation to support the innovative capacity and sustainable development of companies and organisations. 

Meditation Retreat Peru 

We offer monthly meditation retreats on a remote island in lake Titicaca  and spiritual tour to the sacred places in the Andes of Peru.