Conscious Dying 

Peaceful Passage Project 

Making death a precious part of life by co-creating culture that honours the journey of the soul.
We are building consciousness based technology that holds spaces of presence and prayer to support the dying before and after the moment of physical death. 

Death as Sacred Transition 

We are timeless beings incarnated in a human body, experiencing time from a human perspective.

We see death as a sacred moment of passage, where we leave the impermanent human body and have the possibility to reawaken to the timeless dimension of our soul.

The more we can remain conscious ands relaxed during this period, the smoother the journey and experience. 
It is the most important moment of our life and we want to recognise it as such. 

Surrendering. Letting go. Allowing. Trusting. Remembering.
Let's prepare and support each other. 

Being there for each other

We build systems and structures that provide energetic support for souls before and after the moment of physical death. 
These structures are intentional energetic fields, that are supported and made visible through technology.  We crystallise  collective intention to make it available for those who need it.

The energetic fields hold a frequency of presence, love and remembering the divine essence of life, which is a gentle continuous invitation for the soul to remember its true nature. 

How does that look like?

We are intending to create and hold a continuous field of presence in a dedicated zoom room through prayer and meditation.
Before death: The room is accessible and visible for the dying person, for example as a tablet on the wall of a hospital room. Presence and love radiate and help the soul to remember.  
After death: A photo of the passing person is projected into the zoom room as a point of connection with the soul, which is supported by the field of presence. 

Co-creating sacred culture. How you can contribute.

Holding space

Share your presence and love in the dedicated meditation space to support souls to remember their true nature.
To prepare, we recommend to join the Global Online Meditation first. 

Financial Ressources

We are grateful for any financial contributions that support the building of the structure of the Peaceful Passage Project. If you feel inspired to donate to the project, you can do so here or send us a message.

Join the team

Would you like to volunteer and be a part of the team to build the structures of the Peaceful Passage Project? All backgrounds are welcome. The most relevant skill is your heart's intention.