Time, Innovation and Consciousness 


Time is both linear and non-linear.
In linear time, there is a past, present and future. We are moving along the timeline. This is our everyday experience. 

In non-linear time, all potential moments in past and future, exist in the eternal present moment. This is the place we explore in the Conscious Innovation Lab. 


We believe that Innovation is not just a random trial and error process, but that it can be supported and consciously invited.

We believe that in non linear time, all future information already exists and that innovation is the tapping into a future vision, being inspired and grounding this vision into structure. 


Everything in existence arises in our consciousness. It is the very fabric of reality.
 We, as human beings have direct access to both the material world, as well as the subtle dimensions of reality, including time.
The human mind and consciousness are magnificent tools to explore the nature of time.


The Conscious Innovation Lab applies meditation and other consciousness based approaches to explore the nature of time and intends to bring information and impulses from the future into the Now, to lovingly support the development of our world into this direction.